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It’s a Messy World, After All

Siblings fighting. House messy. YELLING and TANTRUMS! Feeling triggered by your kid’s behavior, unappreciated or unfulfilled? Michelle shares how mindfulness can help parents shift away from negativity and connect with themselves and their kids.

A Busy Parent’s Path to Practicing Mindfulness & Meditation

You know you should, but how in the world will you find time for one more thing in your life? Michelle explains how to make mindful moments part of your every day and grow into a practice that will make you a happier person and a better parent.

Mindful Listening: Parenting Superpower

Can it really be as simple as turning off your smartphone or computer, looking your kid (or spouse) in the eye and really listening to what they are saying? Yes it is, and Michelle explains how it can bring families closer together.

Compassion (For Ourselves!) is the Key to Parenting

Do you ever think thoughts like: “I'm totally screwing up my kids.” “I'm a terrible parent.” “Why did I yell at my kids again?” Michelle shares why being compassionate means “embracing your messiness,” and how it can make your life easier, and make you a better parent.

Speed of Life Too Fast? Hit Pause

Always connected (smart phone, email, social media) but still feeling disconnected? You’re not alone. Parents often feel as if they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Mindfulness practices bring us home to ourselves and connect us more deeply to who and what we value most.

Self-Care: Sowing Seeds of Transformation in Our Kids

On the aircraft parents are told to put on their oxygen mask first, then attend to their child. Yet in everyday life, many of us try to do everything all the time for our kids without stopping to care for ourselves. Michelle tells how giving ourselves permission to practice mindfulness not only makes us better parents, but teaches kids some of the most important life lessons.

Check Your GPS (Guilty Parent Syndrome)

How many times have you felt like you weren’t doing enough for your kids, or looked around and thought that other parents were doing it better than you? Michelle discusses how to let go of guilt and be more present for our families.

Helicopter Parenting: Finding Your Mindful Helipad

Many parents today are overprotective, hovering over everything their kids do. From her own experience raising her two sons, Michelle discusses how parents can learn to let go and give their kids the space they need to grow.

Debunking Myths of Work/Life Balance

We feel swept along by forces out of our control and think we have no choices, but usually we do. Sometimes a few moments of mindfulness are all it takes to see the path.

Nope. I Can’t Do it All. Now What?

Michelle shares practical tips to help overworked parents ease overwhelm and connect with themselves and their families.

Serenity Now! Mindfulness Misconceptions

When you think about mindfulness and meditation, what comes to mind? The guru in the loincloth sitting in the Lotus position humming a mantra? Or perhaps you think that in order to meditate, you must clear your mind, like wiping a chalkboard. Michelle discusses what mindfulness is and is not – wisdom that can help those who think they have “failed” at meditation.

Stressed Out? Get Present to What Matters

In a world that loudly competes for our attention, often with hostility, ugliness and anger, it’s all too easy to bring stress home and dump it on our families. Michelle discusses how being present in the messiness of family life helps us be more compassionate, forgiving and at ease.

Learning from Our Pets

Want to see what being in the moment looks like? Check out the pooch looking up at you with the big brown eyes or the kitty snuggled in the sun. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and feel the calm. Michelle tells why she is “obsessed” with her dogs – and why that’s not a bad thing.

Want to Be a Better Parent? Look Inside

Experts share lots ideas for parents to get their kids to behave. Michelle offers a different perspective, explaining how parents can model presence, awareness and focus instead, and the positive ripple effect it can create in families.

Stop Yelling, Start Connecting

Just about every parent has reached a breaking point where they lose their temper and yell at their kids. Michelle shares mindfulness practices to help parents recognize their triggers and respond in a new way.

Get Present to Your Messy Feelings

When we lose our composure it often boils down to those messy, unresolved thoughts and feelings bouncing around inside our heads. Michelle explains how learning to accept vs. fix ourselves and others can help us better share our emotions.

Confessions of a Mindful Parent

It was just a matter of time before parents, who are already riddled with guilt for one thing or another, would find a way to feel bad about practicing mindfulness. Michelle tells how to weave self-compassion practices into your day, embracing the messiness of each moment.

4 Signs You’re a Mindful Parent

Michelle shares four telltale sings you are a mindful parent: taking time to practice being present, naming and recognizing emotions to build emotional awareness, practicing self-care, and learning to accept yourself, mistakes and all.

Life Happens For Us, Not To Us

Life is our teacher every step of the way, even (and especially) the messy unpleasant parts. Michelle explains how practicing mindfulness opens us to what we have to learn.

Parenting Lessons for the C-Suite

From her corporate workshops and six-week course in mindful parenting, Michelle shares skills for cultivating emotional awareness and self-regulation, listening with full attention, identifying and working with triggers, practicing compassion and non-judgmental acceptance, weaving mindfulness into daily life, and learning how to not take ourselves so seriously.
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